• We help our clients to research advanced Artificial Intelligence Models and create High-Tech Products

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MIL Team is an international group of companies specializing in SotA model research and AI-based product development. We help clients integrate unique technologies into their products.
Since 2017, the main area of MIL Team work has been R&D outsource in the field of Artificial Intelligence. By 2020, we have gained sufficient experience in international projects to launch platform solutions. MIL Team today is a group of companies and laboratories with an annual turnover of over 2 mln. usd. and 50 qualified researchers.
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MIL Team is always open to ambitious and active employees and students!
A framework for the automated construction of hierarchical topic models.
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The team carries out projects for R&D departments of companies both in the field of Deep Learning and in the field of applied research.
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Pedestrian Navigation
Indoor Navigation: recognition of human trajectories based on signals from IMU sensors with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning method.
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