GPT in the company's circuit:
Security, quality and adaptive integration

Additional training for the subject area,

Integration with databases and expert knowledge,

Individual scenarios and business processes

Product descriptions, new types of recommendations, handling objections, ...
Regulatory documentation, agreements, client requests, ...
Automation of materials creation: scripts, creatives, answers, ...
Digital assistants, interface to the knowledge base, operating system, ...
What will the company receive?
Available services
MIL Team integration
Cloud service, data transmission vulnerabilities, leaks of classified information
Inside a secure company loop, without internet access, resistant to attacks
Low quality in the subject area, unreliable information
Models work with company knowledge, high reliability and relevance of answers
Необходимость The need to create scripts, search for prompts, verify in A/B testing
Ready-made scripts and integrations, scripts and prompts adapted to the company’s tasks
Obstruction from staff, low learning ability and sabotage of the process
Built processes of training and integration with clarification of the benefits of each participant
Our portfolio
  • Sales and support

    Processing objections, client “openers”, conversions and revenue

  • Personnel Management
    Question Answers, Problem Solving, Satisfaction and NPS
  • Operations Department
    Level of automation, user-friendliness of interfaces and speed / quality
  • Key business processes
    Assistants and access to knowledge, recommendations, efficiency and price
Automation of consultations ⚖️
Legal service
Context: A law firm has a portfolio of clients who receive legal advice on an ongoing basis. Business is growing faster than the ability to hire qualified lawyers. It is necessary to automate the consultation process.

Solution: We integrated with the company’s knowledge base about past cases, legal document databases and the legislative framework. We created a legal assistant, packaging it as an internal portal for supporting legal employees.

+110% – Request processing efficiency
-80% – Average time to respond to a client request
+35% – Average NPS of the client in the consultation
Branded content, sales 🚀
 Marketing agency

Context: A marketing agency prepares branded content for large brands and also sells its services through personalized e-mail marketing offers.

Solution: We created a tool for automatically launching a demo content feed based on a client’s request, and also automated the preparation of a personal offer based on the description of the client’s profile.


-60% – Demo feed preparation time

+50% – Sales manager efficiency

+25% – Increase in the number of qualified leads

Implementation consultation
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