Full-time Middle Researcher, Signals specialization to Research Team
Рaycheck: 120-180к net for full-time

Format: full-time (40 hours/week), remote work, employment at MIPT

In the Research Group, we are interested in getting breakthrough results in AI projects on the stream. We write models in PyTorch SotA in a wide class of AI applications, and now we are looking for a researcher with a specialization in Sensors & Signals (Wearables, predictive analytics, downtime reduction, etc). We are preparing things that are not clear "how" at the start and which should benefit the customer. After us, the customer solved the problem that he could not solve for a long time (and expensively) before us.

The team consists of young graduates, we work flexibly and actively. We give you the opportunity to grow and teach you how to solve new challenges in AI projects. The team is growing, there are more projects - we are looking for someone who is ready to work with us on new SotA and give clients real Value. If this is you, we are waiting for your resume!

  • You will help plan the progress of work on a research project, provide the project with ideas, quickly check them, resolve key project challenges and ensure the growth of target quality metrics;
  • You will log the results and artifacts of experiments, prepare conclusions based on them, and make your work transparent and predictable for the team.

Knowledge and skills:
  • You know the main NN and RNN architectures for signal processing (AutoEncoder, VAE, LSTM, GRU, CNN for multidimensional signals, etc), classical methods (from autoregressive approaches to statistical feature extraction);
  • You are able to apply AI methods of signal processing and time series to solve the target problem (classification, segmentation, decoding, etc.) in various applications (IMU, sensor vibration signals, server application data). You can implement compression models and benchmarks from PyTorch articles from scratch;
  • There are skills in using methods in significant limitations of the problem being solved (from small samples with large objects for analysis to artifacts and noise in the data when collecting a sample);
  • You use a scientific approach in solving problem challenges, brainstorm ideas with the team based on the experience gained and evaluate metrics taking into account the reproducibility and reliability of the results;
  • Advanced use of Python, and Git and IDE (PyCharm) are your daily tools; there are no difficulties in working with a remote server; you delight your comrades with a culture of code: readable code, team development practices.

It will be an advantage if:
  • Writing articles for scientific journals and editing scientific texts is your hobby;
  • You are able to identify customer needs and present a solution in terms of value for the customer.

Next steps:
  • Leave an application on the site (P.S. include a portfolio and an open project in your resume);
  • We will check resume and portfolio, prepare a personal task;
  • We will check the task and conduct an interview with the team.
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