Middle Researcher to the Research team (MobileHealth)
Fork: 140-220k net for full-time

Format: full-time or part-time (20 hours/week), remote work (including outside the Russian Federation) or office at MIPT

We make MobileHealth solutions for those. giants based on neural networks. Our solutions now run on millions of devices from different companies around the world.
The tasks are non-trivial, they have a strong research component. Our task is to make a model; the customer packages it into a product.
We have curated and clean datasets + extensive R&D experience. As a result, there are few MLops and Data Engineering tasks; the main emphasis is on the quality and efficiency of the ML model.
Nevertheless, we try to keep the engineering culture high: we need to develop an infrastructure for quickly testing very different hypotheses. Bad code creates friction in research.
A project at the intersection of three areas: Computer Vision, Time-Series Analysis and Edge Computing (including model compression: quantization, pruning, distillation etc.)

What tasks will you have to do:
  • Code infrastructure for DL experiments in CV, Time-Series and Model Compression.
  • Prepare and run reproducible and well-designed computational experiments.
  • Solve engineering and research problems that arise along the way: come up with heuristics, write a custom architecture or loss, interpret non-obvious results, etc.
  • Read scientific articles on the topic of the project.
  • Communicate openly and closely with the team and the customer orally and in writing in Russian and English.

Knowledge, abilities, skills:
  • 2+ years of experience in DL, preferably CV or signals.
  • Free Python, Linux, Git, work on a remote server.
  • Fluent in pytorch, numpy, pandas, visualize data.
  • Good mathematical base: linal, theory, matan.
  • Ability to write clean and readable code.
  • A creative approach, courage in ideas and a researcher’s mindset.
  • Understanding of the internals of neural networks, knowledge of architectures, heuristics and metrics.
  • Experience in model compression is preferred.
  • Experience in publishing scientific articles is preferred.
  • Management experience is preferred, one leadership position is open per project.
  • Special respect for your background in digital signal processing.
  • English B2+

  • Work remotely or from an office in Dolgoprudny.
  • Flat structure, good opportunities for growth as a team leader.
  • Possibility to work part time.

Next steps:
  • Leave a request on the website
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